How Do I Schedule a Backflow Test?

Typically, the backflow tester’s name and number who performed the previous year’s test at the property is listed on the front page of the backflow test letter above the assembly information. You may also contact a backflow tester from the approved list provided. The backflow test letter is sent out at the beginning of the month the test is due and comes with a test report form for each backflow assembly at the property. The report forms are given to the tester upon arrival, who will perform the test, complete the forms, and return the forms via email or fax to SMWD by the end of the test month.  SMWD forms and instructions can be found on our Backflow webpage.

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1. What is a Backflow?
2. Where is the Backflow Assembly located?
3. Why Does the Backflow Assembly Need to be Tested?
4. Who Performs the Backflow Testing?
5. What Questions should I ask the Backflow Tester?
6. How Do I Schedule a Backflow Test?
7. Who Maintains & Tests a Backflow Assembly?