Flow Monitoring

No more surprises on your water bill!

Detecting leaks and tracking your water use can now be in the palm of your hands! Flow monitors allow real-time water use insights and can help you find hidden leaks before it's too late.

How SMWD Tracks Your Water Usage:

Manual Meter:

Our meter readers will read your water meter about once a month to determine water use and billing. Most SMWD meters look like the one pictured below: Water MeterPerform your own leak check with the SMWD DIY Leak Check Guide


Digital Meter:

The District has several pilot programs in place to test out various aspects of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). These include meters, internet-of thing (IoT) sensors, communication gateways, and real-time customer information portals. The District plans to continue with these pilots and assess larger scale implementations. In the mean time, take advantage of the Flow Monitoring Device rebate program! 


How You Can Track Your Own Water Usage: 

Track your home water use in real-time is by installing a Flow Monitoring Device. These devices can report your home's water use directly to you, and can notify you of leak alerts to keep you in charge of your water use. Rebates are available for qualifying models.


Receive up to $100 in rebates for qualifying devices!



Before you purchase your Flow Monitor, you should:

  • Use the Estimate my Rebate tool on SoCalWater$mart to determine your eligibility and to check your rebate amount.

  • Make sure you have reliable Wi-Fi at the installation location and a smart device such as a smartphone or table with app-accessibility.

  • Check the type of water meter you have. Some devices attach to the meter and are only designed for a specific type of meter.