My Garden Has STYLE

Sense of place, Tree-focused, Year-round interest, Low water use, Easy maintenance

Transform Your Yard Into a Landscape

Landscape = Softscape + Hardscape

'My Garden Has STYLE'  is a visioning package to assist customers to design their own landscape. Creating a new or improved water efficient landscape can be overwhelming; let us help you get started. 

When you sign up, you will have access to:

  • Garden Style Templates & Workbooks 

  • Hands-on Workshop w/ Landscape Architect

  • Demonstration Garden Tour

  • Materials Resources Lists

Your new landscape can be climate-friendly and beautiful!

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Our 5 Garden Styles:

Cal Native

California native gardens are adapted to the local pollinators and foragersDSC02626. This landscape is the most sustainable; requiring the least amount of inputs of water, nutrients, and care, with an emphasis on natural building materials. LINK TO TEMPLATE


Mediterranean gardens cater to a more formal environment: cobblestoneGarden Wallspathways, ornate metal work, and hedges. This striking garden style can require a bit more water and nutrient inputs to sustain beauty every day of the year. LINK TO TEMPLATE

Home Orchard


Home Orchard gardens are edible landscapes focused on fruit trees and edible plants. A style perfect for the home forager. Seasonal interest and sustainable garden practices make this an attractive learning environment for all ages. LINK TO TEMPLATE


Patio 3

Southwestern gardens embody simplicity. Typically dominated by succulents or cacti that require the least amount of nutrient or water inputs. This style originated with the old Mission gardens and is now defining the contemporary (or modern) landscape. LINK TO TEMPLATE


blackfoot daisy and pine muhly

Meadow gardens are a seasonal wonderland for the senses. This style highlights colorful ornamental grasses intermixed with accent perennials. Using natural boulders, swales, and sculpture to add interest, the meadow is the perfect style for the relaxed gardener. LINK TO TEMPLATE    

Sample Plan

Garden Style Templates make it easy to select plants and strategize your landscape improvements. Templates, workbooks, and resources will be made available once you have registered.

Garden Styles Post

Choose from two (2) planning levels, the simple yard "Spruce up" or a complete "Makeover".

  1. the SPRUCE UP
  2. the MAKEOVER

Who's this for?

The "Spruce Up" is perfect for the weekend DIYer that needs access to plant lists and style templates to quickly choose the best plants for a weekend planting project. Whether you are re-doing a small parkway strip or trying to infill a barren section of the yard, these free resources will prove themselves priceless. 

These resources are for landscape improvement projects less than 500 SF. 

What is included:

  • Garden Style Survey
  • Garden Style Template (includes both softscape and hardscape elements)
  • WaterWorks Garden Tour (guided)
  • Access Local Partner Discounts and Contact
  • Local Materials and Plant Finder Assistance


NOTE: Priority will be given to customers that are consistently over their outdoor watering budget.

Program Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do all styles have a FOCAL TREE?

20220308_140855Trees are the longest lasting plant in your landscape. In fact, it is likely that some trees on your property are original to the first owner of your home. Use your existing tree as a style indicator or choose a new tree from the focal tree list for each style.

  • Cools your site
  • Draw up water for lower levels of the soil
  • Supports healthy soil networks
  • Long-lived and acts as a style anchor

How can I select the right plant for my garden from the template?

The 5 climate-friendly style templates organize plants by their form to make selecting the right plant for the needed location easier than ever.

Just decide what plant form you need from the following options: 

  • Focal Tree
  • Accent Tree
  • Accent Shrub
  • Accent Grass
  • Accent Color
  • Screen or Hedge
  • Ground Cover

What does STYLE stand for? 

Sense of place, Tree-focused, Year-round interest, Low water use, Easy maintenance

Do I have to pick just one climate-friendly garden style?

savewater-commercialrebatessprinklerStyles can be blended and intermixed and made unique to your garden, but note that plants from the various styles have different watering requirements. Make sure you are not overwatering or underwatering your new garden.

How much does a garden with style cost?

New landscape projects can be shockingly expensive. Simpler projects can range from $5-Resource Guide$10 per square foot and higher end projects with new paving and walls can be upwards of $20-$30 per square foot. Check our website for available rebates.  

How much water will I save if I convert my yard to one of SMWD's landscape styles?

DripOn average turf removal projects within the SMWD boundary area can vary greatly on their long-term saving. Typically homeowners save about 20-30% on their outdoor watering.

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