WaterWorks Activities

Welcome to the WaterWorks Activities page. Check out contests, checklists, and mazes for all ages. The SMWD Water Efficiency Team is making saving water fun!

DIY Leaks Checklist


SMWD DIY Leak Check is an interactive guide to help you isolate leaks to inside or outside of your home. This comprehensive checklist helps you to dive deeper into your home plumbing system. 


For more information on leaks visit www.smwd.com/leaks



Winners will be selected on Friday, March 19th, 2021 

 FREE copy of the Practical Plumbing Handbook.


Sprinkler Inspection Checklist

Sprinkler Checklist revised

Inspecting your sprinkler system, while it is running, is critical to finding leaks and increasing system efficiency.

CLICK HERE to download and print a Sprinkler Inspection Checklist. 

If you need assistance learning how run your system manually. Check out our HELPFUL VIDEOS

Find out more at www.smwd.com/watering


2020 SMWD Blooms Photo Contest

  1. Color Abundance
  2. California Native
  3. Edible Plants
  4. Enjoying the Garden

3* Theme Description:

Colorful flowers and plants enliven the outdoor landscape. They entice pollinators, draw people outdoors, and use less water than the traditional lawn. If you have an especially colorful garden--send us a photo that shows it off best.

Thank you for sharing your gardens with us  in the #2020SMWDBlooms Photo Contest.

*Find all submitted photos in our Facebook 2020 SMWD Blooms Album*


Mazes and Games

Water Works In Your Home Maze

Calling All WaterWorks Super Stars!

CLICK HERE to download and print our 2-page maze activity. See how water flows throughout your home and outside in your sprinkler system. 

Submit your completed mazes to efficiency@smwd.com for a virtual prize!