Recycled Water Irrigation Plan Review

New On-Site Irrigation Plans:  

SMWD must review and approve all new on-site irrigation plans using recycled water.  Signed irrigation plans are required to purchase an irrigation meter and begin on-site irrigation mainline installation.  In addition to detailed irrigation plans, plan submissions must also include a SMWD Recycled Water Use Exhibit.  Please review the following documents to help you submit plans:

FAQ:  Frequently asked questions about the recycle water plan review process.

Flowchart:  Explains the critical steps to the recycled water irrigation plan submittal, review, and approval process.

SMWD Recycled Water Use (RWU) Exhibit Design Guide:  The purpose of the RWU is to provide a simplified map of the irrigation system to identify pertinent site, irrigation, and civil improvement information for submittal to the State of California and Orange County Department of Environmental Health.  These two (2) sheets should be inserted just after the title sheet of the irrigation plan submission.

RWU Design Guide SMWD Image

Fees:  At the time of plan submittal to the District, the applicant shall make a nonrefundable plan review fee deposit based on 2.0 percent of the estimated construction cost of the recycled irrigation facilities. A minimum deposit of $200 will be required on all projects. Prior to approval of the irrigation plans by the District, the applicant shall pay the final plan review and inspection fee, which will be based on 4.0 percent of the estimated construction cost of the system. The estimated cost will be prepared by the applicant and submitted for review by the District. The minimum fee shall be $400. The applicant will be given credit for the plan review fee deposit. The percentage and/or minimum fee may be revised by the District without prior notice to the applicant. Fees shall be paid prior to the approval of plans.

Recycled Water Use Checklist:  helpful document detailing design criteria of irrigation systems that use recycled water.  The District's Rules & Regulations for Non-Domestic Water Use inform this checklist.

Rules & Regs: 

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Please contact Ryan Pape with questions regarding plan review, on-site inspections and cross-connection tests.

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