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Features an interactive garden gallery and plant database to help you figure out how best to implement a sustainable landscape. Create your own plant list and find inspirational designs, beautiful plants, and landscape design assistance.

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Download our SustainaBlue Plant List that features easy-to-find plants to transform your landscape or visit our SustainaBlue Landscapes website for a list of our favorite plants.

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Visit OC Friendly Landscapes to access free landscape design templates for front yards and other helpful landscape resources like plant lists, irrigation plans, and more.

Start Small & Keep It Simple

Click the image below to download a simple example of a design template and low water use plant palette.

Example Design Template

Plant of the Month

Grevillea Superb

Grevillea 'Superb'

  • Grevilleas are in the proteaceae family and are commonly grown in Australia.
  • Approximately 12 different varieties are grown in California, attracting birds, bees, and butterflies all year long.
  • They can be grown in clay loam to sandy soil, preferring slightly acid pH.
  • Do not fertilize with phosphorus.
  • Grevilleas grow to about 5' tall to 5' wide.

Growing CA Native Plants

Live a water smart lifestyle and learn about how planting natives will make your landscape more water efficient and other benefits of planting native plant species.