The District's water and wastewater rate structure contains three categories of charges: 

Commodity Charge - cost to buy or produce water

Fixed Monthly Base Charge - costs for operations, facilities and capital

Power Surcharge - costs to pump water to the varying elevations in the service area

The commodity charges are based on the actual demands placed on the water and wastewater utility and customers are charged per Hundred Cubic Feet (CCF) of water used.

Since all customers benefit from the pipes, pumps, reservoirs, and future water reliability programs, these infrastructure costs are recovered by the fixed base charges and are based on the size of the water meter servicing a property; the majority of residential customers have 3/4" or 1" meters.

What has SMWD done to reduce costs?

Reduce energy costs by $400,000 with solar arrayReduced operational costs by $500,000 through operational and technology efficienciesReduced imported water costs by $2 million by using recycled water

  1. Residential Customers
  2. Commercial Customers
  3. Recycled Water Customer

Residential Customers

SMWD Bill = Commodity + Fixed + Power Surcharge

Tier 1 & Tier 2

Potable Water Commodity Rates ($/CCF)

Single- and Multi-Family Customers
Tier 1$2.46
Tier 2$2.86
Tier 3$3.76
Tier 4$6.17

Potable Water Fixed Base Charge ($/meter size)

¾” & 1" Residential*
1 ½”

*The majority of residential customers have a ¾ inch or 1 inch meter

Power Surcharge ($/CCF)

Zone 3$0.11
Zone 4$0.19
Zone 5$0.32

Zones are based on elevation

Wastewater Commodity Charge ($/CCF)

Single-Family$1.08Maximum of 9 CCF
Multi-Family$1.08Maximum of 7 CCF

Wastewater Fixed Base Charge ($/meter size)