Cadiz Project Final EIR (Volumes 1-7)

Final Environmental Impact Report - [SCH# 2011031002]
July 2012

Volume 1

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Project Background

3. Project Description

4. Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures

4.1 Aesthetics

4.2 Agriculture and Forestry Resources

4.3 Air Quality

4.4 Biological Resources

4.5 Cultural Resources

4.6 Geology and Soils

4.7 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

4.8 Hazards and Hazardous Materials

4.9 Hydrology and Water Quality

4.10 Land Use and Planning

4.11 Mineral Resources

4.12 Noise

4.13 Public Services and Utilities

4.14 Recreation

4.15 Transportation and Traffic

5. Cumulative Impacts

6. Growth-Inducement Potential and Secondary Effects of Growth

7. Alternatives Analysis

8. Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources

9. Report Preparers

10. Acronyms

11. References


Volume 2

Appendix A: Scoping Report

Appendix B1: Groundwater Management, Monitoring, and Mitigation Plan

Appendix B2: Groundwater Stewardship Committee October 2011 : Summary of Findings and Recommendations

Appendix C: Pipeline Alignment Map Book

Appendix D: Power Requirements Analysis


Volume 3

Appendix E1: URBEMIS 2007 – Output Sheets

Appendix E2: Fugitive Dust and Effects from Changing Water Table at Bristol and Cadiz Playas

Appendix E3: Emissions Worksheets

Appendix F1: Focused Survey for Desert Tortoise, Habitat Evaluation for Burrowing Owl, and General Biological Resource Assessment

Appendix F2: Streambed Delineation

Appendix F3: Rare Plant Survey Report

Appendix F4: Vegetation, Groundwater – Levels and Potential Impacts from Groundwater Pumping near Bristol and Cadiz Playas

Appendix G1:Phase I Cultural Resources Assessment

Appendix G2: Paleontology Survey and Assessment


Volume 4

Appendix H1A: Cadiz Groundwater Modeling and Impact Analysis – Volume 1

Appendix H1B: Cadiz Groundwater Modeling and Impact Analysis – Volume 2

Appendix H1C: Cadiz Groundwater Modeling and Impact Analysis – Volume 3

Appendix H2: Supplemental Assessment of Pumping Required

Appendix H3: Assessment of Effects of the Cadiz Groundwater Conservation Recovery and Storage Project Operations on Springs

Appendix H4: Springs Fieldwork

Appendix H5: Addendum to September 1, 2011 – Cadiz Groundwater Modeling and Impact Analysis

Appendix I: Economic Impact Report

Appendix J: Significant and Unavoidable Impacts Identified in General Plan EIRs for Counties and Cities within the Water Area of Use


Notice of Public Hearing


Volume 5

V5_0_Table of Contents


V5_2-1_Comment Letters – Overview

V5_2-2-1_Comment Letters – Federal Agencies

V5_2-2-2_Comment Letters – Native American Tribes

V5_2-2-3_Comment Letters – State Agencies

V5_2-2-4_Comment Letters – Local Agencies

V5_2-3_Comment Letters – Organizations

V5_2-4_Comment Letters – Individuals

V5_2-5_Comment Letters – Form Letter

V5_2-6-1_Public Hearing – Rancho Sta Margarita

V5_2-6-2_Public Hearing – Joshua Tree

V5_2-7_Comment Letters – Received after Close


Volume 6

V6_0_Table of Contents

V6_3-0_Master Responses – Overview

V6_3-01_MR – Groundwater Recharge and Evap

V6_3-02_MR – Groundwater Modeling

V6_3-03_MR – Groundwater Pumping Imps

V6_3-04_MR – Springs

V6_3-05_MR – Dry Lake Dust

V6_3-06_MR – Veg Effects on Drawdown

V6_3-07_MR – Water Rights Law

V6_3-08_MR – GMMMP

V6_3-09_MR – Biological Resources

V6_3-10_MR – SMWD as Lead Agency

V6_3-11_MR – CEQA Public Process

V6_3-12_MR – Project vs Program Analysis

V6_3-13_MR – Railroad ROW and NEPA

V6_3-14_MR – Alternatives

V6_3-15_MR – Termionology

V6_4_Response to Comments

V6_5_Draft EIR Text Revisions

V6_6_Additional References


Volume 7

V7_0_Table of Contents

V7_0_Volume 7 Intro


V7_Appx E2 UPDATED – Fugitive Dust

V7_Appx E3 UPDATED – Emissions Worksheets

V7_Appx F3 UPDATED – Rare Plant Survey

V7_Appx F4 UPDATED – Grndwtr Pump Imps

V7_Appx H3 UPDATED – Effects on Springs

V7_Appx K1 NEW – DEIR Notifications

V7_Appx K2 NEW – NOE Notifications

V7_Appx L1 NEW – Evap Estimates

V7_Appx L2 NEW – Evap Discharge

V7_Appx M1 NEW – Opinion M-37025

V7_Appx M2 NEW – Railroad ROW Uses

V7_Appx M3 NEW – ARZC Lease

V7_Appx N NEW – MOU

V7_Appx O NEW – Cultural Resources Survey

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