The Water-Wise Lifestyle Is Here to Stay

Rain or shine, a water-wise lifestyle is the new lifestyle in Southern California. The drought emergency is lessened, but one season of rainfall alone cannot make up for several years of dry weather.  We live in a semi-arid climate and future droughts can be expected.

In 2015, Santa Margarita Water District asked customers to pitch in to do their part to conserve water, the response was impressive! Each month customers reached the State mandated 24 % reduction and today, customers continue to save. The District still averages about a 20% savings each month.

The 6-year historic drought reminded us just how previous water is, and we have learned how simple it can be to use it wisely. The District offers resources and programs to help customers continue with a water-wise lifestyle, including free landscape design services, rebates, and online tools for do-it-yourselfers. Visit to learn more.

It’s also important to remember that Santa Margarita Water District imports 100% of its drinking water from many miles away – from the Colorado River or northern California. With this in mind, it’s important that the water is reused as many times as possible.  Since 2015, the District has invested over $5 million to expand the number of homeowner association communities with access to recycled water for irrigation. This and other uses of recycled water will help SMWD reach a strategic goal set by the Board of Directors and key leadership-- to recycle 100% of the District’s wastewater by 2019.  Currently, about 24% is being recycled.

But, the District isn’t stopping there.  The most recent innovative initiative led by the District is the San Juan Watershed Project. It proposes to capture stormwater and urban runoff in the San Juan Creek and ultimately provide enough drinking water for 50,000 families a year at its completion. Learn more about the local + reliable water supply at

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