The San Juan Basin Authority (SJBA) Board of Directors appointed Norris Brandt, of Brandt Water Strategies, as the Authority’s new Administrator.

Brandt has over 30 years of water agency leadership experience that will help him to build on the Authority’s successes, collaborate with other water agencies, organizations, and the community in a holistic watershed management approach.  Some of his past inter-agency watershed efforts included wetland treatment systems for urban runoff, groundwater management and governance, recycled water expansion, and regional stormwater quality programs.

“We have valuable water here in the San Juan Creek watershed.  We look forward to having an Administrator who can focus their attention on expanding our watershed management by working together.  That should lead to more local drinking water and healthier creeks and beaches,” said Betty Olson, San Juan Basin Authority Chairperson.

Brandt is a licensed civil engineer, with a BS in Agricultural Engineering, an MS in Engineering, and an MA in Communications.  The appointment takes effect immediately.

Brandt is being handed the reigns by Dan Ferons, PE, who’s full-time job is General Manager of Santa Margarita Water District.  Ferons has led the San Juan Basin Authority on a part-time basis for several years as the consortium of water agencies has developed forward-thinking plans for collaboratively managing the San Juan Creek groundwater basin and the watershed above it.

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