SMWD Launches Drought 2016: The Sequel

 August 8, 2016

Drought 2016: The Sequel

Water suppliers across the state have declared that there is enough water to provide supplies for the next three years in spite of the drought. That’s the good news. The bad news is that southern California, generally, and south Orange County in particular did not receive the rainfall we expected from what was a very disappointing El Niño. In short, the drought continues for Santa Margarita Water District customers.

In mid-June, the Santa Margarita Board of Directors approved a continuation of the restrictions in the SMWD Water Conservation Program Ordinance. Those restrictions call for use reductions from 10% to 20%. They continue limits on outdoor irrigation, run off, and several other key areas of use.

"Santa Margarita Water District is committed to water conservation and efficient use," said SMWD Board President, Charley Wilson. "The drought is not over so we’re asking customers to continue their conservation efforts," he said.

To highlight the need for diligence, SMWD customers will, in the next few weeks, see a new round of communications reminding everyone that the drought restrictions are in effect. The new messages will include information on three simple ways we can all save water—limit outdoor watering is limited to 3 times a week, limit showers to 5 minutes or less, and install low water-use plants. There are lots of other ways available to us as well; some of those ideas can be found on the SMWD website,

Santa Margarita Water District is committed to helping customers use water efficiently, and create and enjoy beautiful landscapes that accentuate their lifestyle and enrich our community. The District offers free classes on landscape design and outdoor efficiency, rebate programs, and web resources, like, to create a custom watering schedule for your landscape.

Be watching the website, follow SMWD on Facebook and Twitter, and look for the signs reminding us that "what we do matters!" And join us in doing your part to save water.


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