March 24, 2016

Water Heroes for March

Water Heroes Honored for March
Canyon Estates and Six year-old Resident

Santa Margarita Water District continues to challenge customers to cut back their water usage as the Governor  extended the drought through October of 2016. The District has decreased its water usage by 24 percent cumulatively since the drought was declared in June of 2015. SustainaBlue Water Heroes have contributed immensely in helping us meet our goal.

Santa Margarita Water District Directors recognized two SustainaBlue Water Heroes for the month of March, Canyon Estates of Mission Viejo and a passionate 6 year-old boy of Ladera Ranch. The honorees were acknowledged for their extraordinary water efficiency.  They received an engraved glass plate from the Directors and a yard sign that declared them “Water Heroes.”

Meet our Water Heroes:

Canyon Estates Homeowners Association of Mission Viejo has taken proactive measures to use water efficiently and set an example for the community. Over the past year, Canyon Estates has replaced 27,595 square feet of grass with attractive low-water use landscaping and installed low flow, rotating sprinkler nozzles to reduce runoff and over spray. Canyon Estates has encouraged residents to install low water use landscaping by offering free educational seminars for residents. They even use their roving patrol team to leave "courtesy notices" to residents having issues with runoff, over spray, or leaking drains.

Elliot Maldonado is a 6 year-old from Ladera Ranch who was in search of a science fair project that would make a difference. Elliot's mom asked SMWD's Water Use Efficiency team to visit their house to discover ways to cut back on their water use. Elliot was thrilled for the visit and was shown the water meter, how to check for leaks, the correct amount of water needed for his plants, and ways to save in the bathroom.

Conservation in the bathroom was Elliot's biggest interest and there is where his science fair project was flushed out, "if it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown flush it down." Elliot set a goal to save 10 gallons a day just on toilet use.  The toilet was an easy way to measure water use based on the 1.6 gallons they saved from each flush. He created a chart to post in  each bathroom of the house - every “yellow” box meant that it was time to flush. Elliot is currently testing his project and is expected to have results in 2 weeks. Elliot hopes to get people to think of simple ways to cut back on water use in their home.



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