December 18, 2015

Santa Margarita Water District Honors Water Heroes for December.

Congratulations to Chuck and Virginia Yang of Las Flores and Kevin and Andi Ells of Rancho Santa Margarita. Read the complete story here.

SMWD Honors Water Heroes for December

Santa Margarita Water District continues to challenge customers to cut back their water usage by 24 percent both cumulatively and monthly during this serious drought. The District has decreased its water usage by 24 perfect cumulatively since June 2015. October and November proved difficult to reach the monthly goal, 21 and 7 percent respectfully. 

Some customers are taking water use efficiency to the next level and leading by example, making them true SustainaBlue Water Heroes.  SustainaBlue is SMWD’s initiative for outdoor water-use efficiency, including low water use plants, drip irrigation, and keeping water on-site.

SMWD Directors recognized two SustainaBlue Water Heroes for the month of December, the Ells and Yang residences. The honorees were acknowledged for their extraordinary water efficiency.  They received an engraved glass plate from the Directors and a yard sign that declared them “Water Heroes.”

Chuck and Virginia Yang of Las Flores completed a comprehensive landscape transformation, participating in the Santa Margarita Water District's turf, drip, and rain barrel rebate programs. They removed over 1,600 square feet of turf from their front and back yard and installed low water use plants irrigated with drip irrigation and rain barrels.

Since June 2015, the Yang residence has used 53% less water than during the same period in 2013. 

Kevin and Andi Ells of Rancho Santa Margarita renovated their front and back yards with a SustainaBlue design. In addition to removing over 1,800 square feet of tuft and installing synthetic turf and drought tolerant landscaping, they took care to capture stormwater in tanks for reuse in their landscape. A solar powered recirculating water fountain and a vegetable garden add beautiful design features to their backyard.

Since June 2015, the Ells residence has used 62% less water than during the same period in 2013.

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