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 California is now in the fourth year of a drought! Here are simple tips for pools, spa and hot tub owners to save water and money!  The good news is that a pool and surrounding decking can be very efficient given the right design and maintenance and can actually use less water than a conventional grass landscape.

Water Savings Calculator for Pools

The District has created an easy calculator for you to figure out if your pool and decking design will use less water than convential landscaping.

SMWD Pool Water Use Calculator

Pool Water Saving Tips:

  1. Install a pool cover to reduce water evaporation by as much as 60%.
  2. Shut off waterfalls, fountains, and other water features to reduce water loss and evaporation.
  3. Check the pool for leaks. Contact your pool service professional for guidance.  See the video below for a DIY leak check.
  4. Minimize splashing or lower the pool's water level to reduce "splashout."
  5. Plug the overflow line when the pool is in use.
  6. Replace sand and DE filters with cartridge filters that do not require backwashing.
  7. Keep your pool clean to reduce frequency of backwashing.
  8. If your pool is heated, reduce the water temperature to reduce evaporation. This saves energy too!

Hot Tub & Spa Water Savings Tips:

  1. Keep it covered.
  2. Maintain the chemicals to extend water life.
  3. Check the equipment for leaks.
  4. Drain only when absolutely necessary.
  5. Check with your pool service professional for new technology that helps keep the water clean and reduce the need to drain the spa.
  6. If you drain your spa, after dechlorinating the water, reuse the water to irrigate plants and landscaping.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Can I build a pool in my home if I’m a SMWD customer?

A. Yes! We are currently in Stage 2 of our Conservation Ordinance, which allows pool building.

Q. But don’t pools use more water than traditional yards?

A. Not necessarily. Research shows a properly maintained and cared-for pool can use less water than a traditionally landscaped yard after about two years.

Q. What do I need to do to build my pool or spa?

A. You just need to obtain a permit from the proper agency, as long as SMWD remains in Stage 2. Our ordinance allows new pools, but has certain restrictions on refilling existing pools more than one foot.

Q. What about refilling my existing pool?

A. You can add up a foot of water at any time to maintain its proper level. It’s OK to refill your pool if you need to do it for a health or safety matter, such as a leak or incurable chemical imbalance. For other reasons, you can refill your pool but must offset the water use with conservation measures such as installing California Friendly landscaping, smart irrigation meters or other similar steps to save water outdoors.

Have another question? Read the Conservation Ordinance or
call Public Information Manager Jonathan Volzke at 949.459.6548



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