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SMWD SustainaBlue Landscapes features an interactive garden gallery and plant database to help you figure out how best to implement a sustainable landscape! Find inspirational designs, beautiful plants, and landscape design assistance.


SMWD SustainaBlue Plant List

SMWD SustainaBlue Plant List: Download our SMWD SustainaBlue Plant List which features easy-to-find plants to transform your landscape. The list includes plant links to our SustainaBlue Landscapes page.

OC Friendly Landscapes

What's your style?


CA Native, Coastal Influence, Cottage, Mediterranean, Modern, OC Friendly


Visit to access FREE landscape design templates for front yards and other helpful landscape resources like plant lists, irrigation plans, and more.


Start Small & Keep It Simple

CLICK HERE to download a simple example of a design template and low water use plant palette.

Plant Resources

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January/February 2018

Fire-Wise Plants


*Did you know that in Santa Ana winds, plants 2' tall can produce flames 35' long, while 6' plants can produce 100' long flames?


Follow these guidelines for Vegetation Management within 100 feet of your home:


*Defensible Space is an area between your house and an oncoming wildfire, where the vegetation has been controlled, trimmed, or removed to reduce wildfire threat from embers, flames, and intense heat.

Visit for helpful resources and videos.



For more information, visit the Orange County Fire Authority website or call (714) 573-6774 to schedule a FREE Wildfire Home Assessment.


It's a late fire season in California. You can make simple changes to the plant material in your outdoor landscape that will better defend your home from wildfires. Your yard can be both beautiful and fire-resistive.

The fire-wise plants pictured above include:

View lists of fire-wise trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and vines at


 Turf Removal Examples

Hover your cursor over the photos to see the pre/post landscapes!  


turf removal pre post




Growing CA Native Plants


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