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SMWD SustainaBlue Landscapes

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February 2017

Swales for Rains -

The Watershed Approach to Landscaping

Got water? Slow it, spread it, and sink it!

Have you noticed standing water in your landscape, or excessive runoff from your roofs, downspouts, and hardscape?  Take advantage of this rainy season by using the Watershed Approach and create a swale in your landscape!  The watershed approach focuses on rainwater capture and use; reduction of pollution, greenhouse gases, and green waste; energy and cost savings; and human and wildlife habitat improvements.  A swale, which is a critical component in the watershed approach, is a shallow channel designed to SLOW water down, SPREAD it throughout the landscape, and SINK it into the soil.  Not only does this help trap and filter pollutants from runoff, it also keeps the water in the landscape so that your plants can thrive throughout the year with minimal irrigation.  Directing downspouts away from drains and into a swale will maximize your rain water capture.  Swales can be full of plants, lined with rocks to mimic a dry creek bed, or both.  Below are a few plant suggestions for your swale.  For more information on the Watershed Approach and how to build a swale for your property, check out these resources:

*Photo courtesy of G3.


Plants IN Swale

Carex pansa – California Meadow Sedge

Festuca californica – California Fescue

Elymus glaucus – Blue Wild Rye

Juncus patens – Grey Rush

Leymus triticoides – Creeping Wild Rye

Muhlenbergia rigens – Deergrass

Sisyrinchium bellum – Blue-eyed Grass


Plants ABOVE Swale

Achillea millefolium - Yarrow

Epilobium canum – California Fuchsia

Eriogomum fasciculatum – Buckwheat

Eschscholzia californica – California Poppy

Mimulus aurantiacus – Monkeyflower

Melampodium leucanthum – Blackfoot Daisy



 Turf Removal Examples

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turf removal pre post




Growing CA Native Plants


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