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  • 45 minute consultation with a local, award-winning landscape designer
  • Matilija PoppyLandscape design drawing
  • Customized plant palette
  • Suggested irrigation adjustments and watering guide
  • General plant maintenance plan
  • Local Landscape Contractor List 




  • The intent of this program is to help residents redesign grass-dominated yards.  Examples of eligible homes are shown below.

turf collage 

  • Please select one area of your landscape, either front yard or back yard.
  • Total area must be between 500 and 1,500 square feet (sq.ft.).  For areas larger than 1,500 sq.ft. we may be able to work with you, time and resources permitting.
  • Redesigned landscapes must incorporate a high efficiency, low-flow irrigation system (i.e. drip irrigation or rotating sprinkler nozzles).
  • Completion of all of the Program Steps.  Incomplete submissions may be required to submit additional information or may be cancelled.




  • Review the Program Terms and Conditions.
  • Submit the on-line Participation Request Form.
  • SMWD staff will contact you to schedule a Pre-Site Inspection Review at your house.  During this review, we well take photos of your currrent landscape and provide you with the SustainaBlue Design Studio Packet.
  • Complete the SustainaBlue Design Packet, which consists of the Questionnaire and Drawing Your Project Site Plans
  • SMWD staff will contact you to book your 45 minute consultation.  The consultation will be at our District Office (map). 



The Questionnaire

The Questionnaire requires you to complete five sections.  The more detail you can provide in your answers, the better we will be able to design a landscape that meets your needs and interests.  Below is a list of materials to gather prior to beginning the Questionnaire:

  1. A copy of your HOA's plant palette list 
  2. Landscape photos you find inspirational (3 - 5 photos)
  3. Botanical names of your favorite low water use plants, if any

Drawing Your Project Site Plans

base planYou will need to create three site plans of your project site.  Your packet contains instructions on how to create your site plans, sheets of 11x17 graph paper, and example plans to help guide you through the process.  The three site plans you will create are:

  1. Base Plan
  2. Hydrozone Plan
  3. Environmental Conditions Plan

 We will review your SustainaBlue Design Studio Packet for completeness.  You will be required to provide any missing or lacking information before proceeding in the Program.






   Tour inspiration gardens at our interactive SustainaBlue Landscapes webpage!

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