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SMWD is committed to helping our customers create and enjoy SustainaBlue Landscapes - landscapes that are efficient when it comes to water, resources, and labor.  Landscapes that are visually appealing and enhance your quality of life.  Landscapes that accentuate your lifestyle and enrich our community.


Landscape Conversion Kit RebateLandscape Kit Rebate

My Avant Garden Native Front Yard Kits are pre-designed kits that contain a detailed design plan, live California native plants, step-by-step installation support, and educational classes!  Currently not available.



ocplants.orgSustainaBlue Landscapes Tour 

View pictures, read descriptions, and learn more about the featured landscapes. CLICK HERE


ocplants.orgSustainaBlue Landscapes Interactive Website 

Features interactive plant database and garden galleries for you to pick from.  Find inspirational designs and create your own plant list.  CLICK HERE to start.


SustainaBlue Plants ListSustainaBlue Plant List

Find the right plants to transform your landscape!  We've done the heavy lifting of selecting great plants that thrive in our region with minimal maintenance.  SustainaBlue Plants.


classesSustainaBlue Classes

We offer free classes for residents who want to learn more about landscape design and outdoor efficiency.  Consult our website for class dates and topicswhich change each month!


Watering Calculator 

Create a customized watering schedule for your yard.  Our online watering calculator will walk you through each irrigation zone.  CLICK HERE to start.



rebatesOutdoor Rebates

Find even more landscape and irrigation rebates to help you capture water and water efficiently.  CLICK HERE for rebates.


Landscape Contractors

Landscape Contractors Contractor List

 These contractors have completed the SMWD  Professional Landscape Contractor Training Course.  Also, you can find and select a CA Landscape  Contractors Association (CLCA) licensed landscape  contractor at

 CLICK HERE for contractors.

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