Water Supply/Quality Reports

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Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is a drinking water quality report released July 1st of every year. The report shares the results of the extensive water quality analysis performed on the water being provided to your home in the previous year. While the report is made available electronically, the District will mail you a physical copy if requested. 

Consumer Confidence Reports

Public Health Goals (PHG)

The Public Health Goals Report is a comparison of the drinking water quality provided by the District against the PHGs adopted by the California Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Heal Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). PHGs are levels that do not pose a significant risk to health and are not regulatory standards. As the OEHHA website states, drinking water standards established by the State are required to be set as close to the corresponding PHG as is economically and technologically feasible. This report details constituents within the District's drinking water which exceed the adopted public health goal and estimates the cost required in order to meet the PHG. This report is updated every three years. 

Public Health Goals (PHG) Report

Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP)

Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP) are prepared by the District every five years in order to support long-term resource planning and ensure that adequate water supplies are available to meet water demands. The report details a 20 year forecast of how the District will meet existing (and future) water demands. 

Reservoir Vista

Urban Water Management Plans